Digital Billboards

Digital is the new ‘it’ in billboards. Technology has advanced so greatly that billboards can now be used in day-parts, much like television and radio advertising. Audiences can view messages relevant to the time of day, current hot topics or time sensitive promotions.

The flexibility of this new medium is endless. Because the production process is as simple as electronically posting an art file, there is no printing or posting lag-time. Additionally, digital customers can use multiple pieces of artwork on one display location.

Endless Possibilities

If you own a restaurant, wouldn’t it be nice to feature breakfast in morning and dinner items at night? Now restaurant advertisers don’t have to choose one image to represent their entire menu. Daily specials can also be featured for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.

What if you are a retailer with an upcoming sale? With digital billboards you can change your message to promote a sale and then return to your standard message once the sale is over.

Digital billboards can even be used to post AMBER alerts or condolence messages after a tragedy.

Why Premier Digital?

At Premier Media there are no production charges for digital billboards. To change messages on standard billboards, production and installation prices can become costly.

Our digital faces are located on the most traveled roads in their area in prime locations. We believe digital billboards are the future of the outdoor industry. With this expectation, we are motivated to drive interest by providing high quality and excellent service at an affordable rate.